Key to icons

What do they mean?


subtitled performance3D Performance

This performance is displayed in 3D, you will need 3D glasses to view this performance which are available at the box office or concessions area’s. Glasses are £1 a pair, and are then yours to keep & reuse next time you visit to see a 3D film. 3D glasses work across all WTW Cinemas.


subtitled performanceSubtitles.

This performance feature Subtitles. The subtitles are projected onto the image for all in the audience to see.


Discounted performanceDiscounted Performance.

This performance features a price discount. Details of the discount will be available below the icon.


Silver ScreenSilver Screen.

A silver screen performance is designed for the over 60’s. All tickets are £4 and include complementary Tea/Coffee & Biscuits.



Dolby 7.1 SurroundDolby 7.1 Surround.

This performance features Dolby® Surround 7.1 Sound. Dolby® Surround 7.1 is a cinema audio format developed to provide more depth and realism to the cinema experience. By adding two additional discrete audio channels, Dolby Surround 7.1 takes the excitement of movies to the next level and truly immerses you in the action. Dolby Surround 7.1 also improves the spatial dimension of soundtracks and enhances audio definition. The result: full-featured audio that better matches the visual impact of film.


Parent and babyParent and baby Screening

This performance is designed with Parents & Babies in mind, the house lights are kept up, and the sound is turned down.


Audio descriptionAudio description available

Cinema audio description is a service for people with sight problems. The normal film soundtrack comes through the cinemas surround sound speakers in the usual way, and a recorded narrator explains what’s happening on screen – in gaps in the dialogue – through personal headphones. It’s similar to listening to a cricket or football match on the radio – having the action described to you. This feature does not affect members of the audience who do not have the necessary headphones which are available from the box office.

Wheelchair accessWheelchair access

All auditoria within WTW Cinemas (with the exception of Screen 5 at The Plaza at Truro) have wheelchair access. Some auditoria have designated wheelchair spaces. Please ask a member of staff for more details.


Opera seasonLive Transmission

This performance is transmitted Live via Satellite from venues from around the UK and the World.


Live entertainmentLive entertainment

This performance is a live performance act, for example a standup comedy act , a choir or another type of Live Entertainment.