A Pure Source On Tour

  • Starring:
  • Running time: 120 minutes

A unique opportunity to meet two Legends of Lightning Bolt, with surfing films session, conversation, and much more.
We will be hosting Lightning Bolt surf legends Rory Russell and Craig Hollingsworth, with moderation by Nick Williams, and screening surf films.
The funds raised will benefit The Wave Project.

RORY RUSSELL - the world renowned big wave rider and living legend, two-time champion of the Pipeline Masters, tuberiding specialist from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

CRAIG HOLLINGSWORTH – respected shaper and manufacturer of surfboards born and raised in Southern California, and a world class surfer himself, shaping Lightning Bolt surfboards for more than 20 years

THANK YOU MOTHER - A Journey of Appreciation is the new surfing film by Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell, narrated by Morning of the Earth's creator Alby Falzon and with an original soundtrack by Nick Bampton.
A cinematic journey of surfing, simplicity and appreciation. As Torren Martyn glides with style and power, carving beautiful lines into clean walls, Nick Bamptons original music echoes the mood and rhythm of his movements perfectly.

NAUSICAA - We Own the Ocean is a BLOCK10 production, directed and filmed by Luca Merli.
A journey in search of adventures, unexplored shores, empty waves in the Mediterranean most secluded places. A surf-film about our small Ocean, the cradle of civilization and a reflection on living a simple lifestyle in symbiosis with nature.