Cine Mar – Surf Movie Night – Newquay

  • Starring:
  • Running time: 150 minutes

The sound of the waves is like music in our ears. Salt in our hair, sand under our feet. Our mind longs for the peace and silence one can only experience out there. The thunder of the water that breaks against the shore. Those are the moments we desire and crave for.

Sea addicts in Europe meet three times a year at the Cine Mar - Surf Movie Night. The tour presents award-winning films in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands, thus bridging the gap between water sports, sustainability, marine conservation and freedom.

The film night soothes the unbearable feeling of being „landlocked" with unique stories that inspire us and encourage us to embark on adventures , with fascinating pictures you allow to „think back" to the sea for one evening. But there is more to it: We believe that these oceanstories need to be heard. We believe in their mission and support their cause by giving them a voice.

More info about the movies in 2019 will be following soon.