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  • Running time: 150 minutes

The Cine Mar - Surf Movie Night is back with new #oceanstories:

Transcending Waves (ARG, 2019, 75min) OmU

"Transcending Waves“ - The surf movie
In their newest surf doc, they scout the Falkland Island, an archipelago with over 700 island in the southern hemisphere. Since the Falkland War in 1982, the island are still a politically difficult topic and the relation of its inhabitants to Argentina is still very much reserved. With their project, the brothers want to create new bonds and promote peace. With the intention, not to open old wounds but to travel this not well known island, they start their journey. They go on a road trip for 50 days, to get to know the local culture and of course to look out for waves. They explore uninhabited islands and are overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature along the coast lines. They share waves with two brothers from the islands and try to bond to overcome the conflicts history.

Gauchos Del Mar:
"Started as a brotherhood surfing project immersed in nature and in search of new cultures, Gauchos del Mar strengthened by communicating social and environmental messages.
We committed to surf the world interacting with its different cultures, learning from them, sharing an environmental and a non-consumer orientated message, and transmitting a simple and healthy way of living in harmony with nature.
With the excuse of surfing, we started traveling and noticed we had a dormant part of ourselves related to social, cultural and environmental issues. This way, and without even noticing it, we found our passion for communicating these type of messages through our films."

Also part of the lineup is the winning movie of the Homestories Award 2019.

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